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The Painting - Sarah Losner

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

To see me in the painting

Look beyond the canvas

Where creation was born

And the pink background,

Fitted for a princess.

Look around the people

That fill the picture

With smiles and joy,

Cries and tears,

Comfort and condolences.

Look over the jagged lines

And through the ones

That seem fitted in place.

Look away from the colors,

The angry reds,

The simple greens,

And the woeful blues.

Look not at the places,

Both far and near,

For you won’t find me there

Or anywhere.

To see me in the painting

Take a look at the big picture

And you will find me.


Sarah Losner is a writer from Long Island, NY. Her poetry has appeared in The Monterey Poetry Review, The Beautiful Space, and on the Indolent Books blog. Sarah is also an accountant for a non-profit in New York City.

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